> Best of Read Sea

Amazing underwater world of Red Sea (Egypt)

Sunset over Marsa Alam
Yellowtail barracudas
Bluespotted stingray
Two bluespotted stingrays
Anemonefish hiding
Bannerfish couple
Finger coral close-up
Giant moray
Clearfin lionfish
Masked puffer sleeping
Hawksbill turtle
Mountain corals
Bluestriped snapper
Lined bristletooth and coral grouper
Mosaic coral
Juveniles hiding inside the shipwreck
Bow of a shipwreck covered with corals
Bigeye emperor
Bullethead parrotfish
Dome corals, giant clamp in the middle
Bird wrasse
Plate fire coral
Finger leather corals
Prickly alcyonarian
Prickly closeup
Peeking into a giant clamp
Edwards coral closeup
Mushroom leather coral
Prickly cucumber
Masked pufferfish
Lyretail anthiases
Variety of corals
Red boring sponge
Masked pufferfish
Coral balcony
Giant clam
Pyjama seaslug
Do not touch!
Anemonefish colony
Coral bouquet
Bubble coral
Giant triggerfish
Crescenttail bigeye
Porcelain and purple broccoli coral
Black snappers
Orangeface buterflyfish couple